Chauffeurs privés, transferts et circuits
en Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Terms of Sales

Article 1 - Contracting parties

The transport service is between on the one hand, the Customer (hereinafter the Traveller) and secondly, the transport partnership (hereinafter referred Capeo Shuttle).

Article 2 - Service delivery

Capeo Shuttle offers car rental service with drivers.

Capeo Shuttle is registered as under the VTC EVTC013164792 register.

Capeo Shutlle is ensure for transport people alonside the company AVIVA.

Capeo agrees to use vehicles older than 6 years, maintained regularly to ensure all the necessary security to the passenger transport service.

Article 3 - Obligations of Capeo Shuttle

The Capeo Shuttle booking service is open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 20h without interruption throughout the year. The shuttle service operates 7/7 and 24/24.

Capeo Shuttle is a private transport service and Capeo shuttle is prohibited to organize a shared transport.

Capeo Shuttle is committed to providing quality service within the rules of the highway code of every country in which it conducts transactions.

Article 4 - Obligations of the Voyageur

Each traveler, including children, must correctly fasten his seat belt.

Capeo Shuttle provides free baby seats and booster seats, a maximum of 2 per vehicle. These seats must be reserved when booking.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke or eat in vehicles. Capeo Shuttle offers its guests refreshments.

Anyone intoxicated will not be supported by Capeo Shuttle. In this case, the amount of the reservation is due. Similarly, any inappropriate behavior within the vehicle will result in expulsion from the vehicle and the amount of the booking will remain due.

Article 5 - Rates

The rates listed on our website are valid 7/7 days, management reserves the right to change prices without notice or compensation.

Shuttle Capeo applies no surcharge for luggage, within the limit of 2 luggage per passenger. If too many or too large luggage, the traveler must mention at time of booking.

Our rates are fixed and defined in advance. If collection / not specified additional deposit when booking the traveler shall pay a supplement to the driver, depending on the distance traveled.
Capeo Shuttle is committed to first inform the Traveler.

Article 6 - Cancellation, Refund

Reservations not canceled 48 hours before the transfer is fully charged.

Article 7 - Reservation Service

When booking by email, it is validated when Capeo Shuttle returns a booking confirmation which is controlled by the Traveller. Capeo Shuttle excluding any liability for unreported input error.

Departure times
must be respected; in cases of exceptional delay of more than 5 minutes, it is imperative to contact our support at theses number  06 80 44 52 33 06 27 40 02 55 or by e-mail.

In case of delay exceeding 15 minutes, the Shuttle Capeo retains theses options :
- Call a partner available to support the Traveller
- Apply an increase equal to 30% of the price of the service after notifying the Traveler has the ability to accept or refuse

In case of delay exceeding 45 minutes, Capeo Shuttle reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The booking price is due.

Travelers choose to schedule management, if making appointments less than 5H flight departure, given the traffic conditions in Marseille, Capeo Shuttle disclaims any liability for missed flight.

Caged pets are allowed on board, within a per vehicle. An increase of 10 € per pet will be applied.

Article 8 - Responsibilities

Capeo Shuttle can in no event be liable for damages caused by any delay or removal of a particular flight due to bad weather or poor road conditions.

Capeo Shuttle is responsible for any objects and / or forgotten luggage in the vehicle. Every traveler to verify before leaving the vehicle he is in possession of all his belongings.